What is Reto Juvenil?

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Reto Juvenil Internacional is a leading non-profit organization that engages in service learning in many areas of Latin America, Africa, and the Caribbean. RJI works with local and global partners, allowing our organization to participate in more than 500 community projects and train more than 7,000 volunteers from different nationalities. These volunteers strengthen their abilities and develop new skills to become global and local leaders, fulfilling Reto Juvenil Internacional’s vision of creating a united and fair world.


RJI volunteers impact the lives of people in developing areas by improving their quality of life through health, agriculture, education, and empowerment projects. Locals helped by RJI projects have a strong impact on volunteers as well. Long lasting friendships form between the volunteers and locals, inspiring global awareness and the will to continue improving the world they live in.


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Reto Juvenil Project Impacts

How does RJI decide where to go?


RJI makes sure that the volunteers are sent to areas where the most amount of work can be done.


All RJI worksites are in cities or countries approved by the United Nations Development Programme. 


RJI staff and group leaders arrive to the work site three days before a project to ensure all work and living environments meet their requirements.