The Reto Juvenil Impact

Reto Juvenil International has become one of the main service providers in regions whose governments are unable to meet the needs of its citizens.
Our 14 countries impacted are developing countries with inadequate resources and infrastructure to develop, and our NGO has been successful in impacting the lives of the beneficiaries for more than 25 years. Even in facing challenges of support and bureaucratic hurdles, RJI has been successful in influencing change and creating new policies, with programs being rolled out nationally.
Reto Juvenil International has moved beyond ‘gap-filling’ initiatives into capacity-building activities with the most significant impact in Education, Community Infrastructure, Health, and Environmental Conservation. These are critical areas for the development of any country. Access to knowledge and a decent standard of living are major challenges in our region.
Overall, our monitoring report for more than 2,698 development concludes that we have indeed made a positive impact on the lives of these 14 countries’ citizens.  RJI impacted the beneficiaries directly and indirectly as we sought sustainable solutions.
Reto Juvenil aims to increase capacity to enrich and empower citizens so that they can improve their quality of life themselves. We contribute towards restoring self-worth and sense of dignity by involving the citizens in the development process. This gives them confidence to actively participate in society, to accomplish further and to serve their families better. Reto Juvenil advocates for the rights of the citizens without borders.